"I started THE NOTES series in 1968. I had been making films for three of four years, and was starting to have shows. I wanted to have a way of grouping films that would be nonlinear, but would point by title to a set of relationships. I was interested in the idea of using film as a way of taking notes that were visual, nonverbal, and also included time. I had started as writer and was increasingly blocked, even to the point of finding letter writing difficult. So thinking about making films that were notes to particular people, but public at the same time, was exciting. The word, notes, also alludes to music. Notes are what songs are made up of, not a musical form, like a sonata. THE NOTES series has allowed me to explore, in various film gauges and forms, the ways in which film can function as a note or note or a notice or notations. It has also allowed me to make very different films that are all part of a larger exploration." - excerpt from SAUL LEVINE Interviewed by Katy Martin for Art World Magazine (Yishu Shijie), Shanghai, China and The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA Shanghai)

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